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Cindy Justice

Mission + Vision

Where rescued equine help people take life

by the reins to bring about hope, healing and change.

Hope Reins is a unique nonprofit 501(c)(3) ranch which brings together both humans and equine that have endured similar hurts and trauma of this world, becoming a safe haven for both. Hope Reins was founded in August 2006 by Cynthia Justice. What makes this organization unique is that all of the equine that live on the ranch have been rescued from violent abuse, life threatening neglect or abandonment, each of which have their own stories of triumph and hope.

In May 2005, Mrs. Justice entered into an agreement with the local group home at which she was employed, allowing use of a small 4-acre area of pasture and an abandoned warehouse formerly used as a dump site for unwanted and broken items. With the assistance of at-risk youth volunteering to take on a leadership role, space was cleared out in the warehouse to build a run-in shelter. Each group of children coming into the home believed in the vision of Hope Reins and took ownership of the project, working hard to remove the overwhelming amounts of unusable items stored over years by the group home. These children became “proof readers” and “critics” of brochures, web pages and other documents promoting Hope Reins. Upon the filing of corporate documents in August 2006, Hope Reins rescued its first horse. In 2008, Hope Reins partnered with a local riding instructor to provide riding lessons to 15 youth to perform its first “drama on horseback” depicting the battle of the mind and struggle of “fitting in”. With the assistance of volunteers from the surrounding communities and church groups throughout the next two years, the conversion of the warehouse into a working stable was completed.

In 2014, Hope Reins expanded programs to include serving as an educational resource to animal science classes, 4-H groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, hosting field trips for special education students and conducting day camps for church youth groups. Today, Hope Reins is considered home to 10 equine rescued and rehabilitated from severe abuse, neglect and abandonment, and unfortunately endured the loss of 3 great horses along the way. It currently conducts an average of 525 emotional therapeutic sessions a year and hosts an average of 10 additional group events a year. Hope Reins is volunteer operated and shoulders with the TN Achieves program to provide volunteer opportunities to high school and college students seeking scholarships. 

To date, Hope Reins has had over 4,600 visits/program sessions from children, adults and families within our surrounding communities reaching a 75-mile radius over the last 13 years.  We are happy to say that in October 2018, Hope Reins was blessed to be able to relocate to a new facility in Corryton, Tennessee.  This new facility will enable more people to be served as well as provide adequate space and pasture for the equine who are truly the stars of the programs.  We look forward to seeing what God has in store for Hope Reins during the next couple of years here.   


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Hope reins

"It always amazes me to look back on the very beginning of Hope Reins and see how far it has come. The very youth who had been all but given up on and written off by society were the very ones God used to bring about Hope Reins.  I am so grateful that He chooses to use those who seem the least capable.  I continue to be so proud of each youth that believed in the mission of Hope Reins before it ever began. They have made it possible for hundreds of others to directly benefit from their actions years ago.  

We give a special thanks to the many volunteers, donors and foundations that have made and continue to make the programs possible.  We look forward to growing with our partners to reach those in need of hope in our surrounding communities." 

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

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