Equine Sponsorship

Please consider becoming an equine sponsor of one of our equine counselors. When you select a level of sponsorship, you ensure quality care to our horses and a cost free opportunity for the children who find hope and healing at Hope Reins.  Your sponsorship will provide:

  • Countless hours of one on one quality time with child and mentor;
  • Physical and mental engagement daily;
  • Grain and hay as needed daily;
  • Nutrients, supplements and vet supplies as needed;
  • Regular vaccinations; and
  • Professional trimming and hoof care

"Saving Grace"

The equine of Hope Reins, much like the children who visit, each have their own unique stories of trauma, brokenness, abuse, neglect and abandonment, but thanks to the Saving Grace rescue program their stories don't end there.  They are true survivors, which makes them the greatest teachers and friends to the children here.  Here they find a common bond and together they teach each other the meaning of unconditional love and to trust again.  They have hope for a new life and a future.

To date, 10 horses and ponies call Hope Reins home as we offer a safe, loving forever home. They have endured so much by the time they have come to us so we strive to provide them with the proper rehabilitation and training using natural horsemanship methods. 

2014 Rescues

The Horses

Where rescued horses help people take life by the reins to bring about hope, healing and change.

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