Where rescued horses help people take life by the reins to bring about hope, healing and change.

 Hope Reins 
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                "Healing Hearts"

Children coming to Hope Reins do so for as many reasons as there are children. Through life's burdens, Hope Reins is dedicated to the endeavor of giving hope and bringing restoration to the family unit. 

                  "Saving Grace"

Because Hope Reins was founded in part as an equine rehabilitation facility, our horses often arrive in a devastated condition from the effects of neglect, starvation and abuse. Currently, we are home to 10 equine acting as counselors who themselves are survivors of abuse and neglect for children enduring hardships.


               "Mending Fences"

From individuals to groups to families, Hope Reins strives to promote self-discovery, positive coping skills, problem solving, respect, trust and confidence through equine assisted activities and leadership building.



Support the ministry of Hope Reins by making a tax deductible monetary donation securely online via PayPay Donate button below or Hope Reins Razoo link below.   It's safe, fast and easy, but most of all it insures the programs of Hope Reins are continued to those in need. This is the only way we can do what we do for children, families, individuals and equine needing rescued.