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The Story of Ruth and Naomi

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Ruth and Naomi's Story of Recovery

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Ruth and Naomi were owned by a man known to be a “horse trader”. He would buy up animals to resale.  A local rescue group in West Virginia spotted the animals on Craig’s List and saw their immediate need for help as they were obviously starving and living in nothing but mud and manure. Despite reports to local authorities, nothing was done to free them. The rescue group reached out for others to join in a mission to save them, which required purchasing them. Unfortunately, without them being confiscated this was the only way to get them out of there.

Within 24 hours of getting the word out, Hope Reins was able to raise more than enough funds to free two minis, cover fuel cost to go after them and to pay for rehabilitation costs thanks to generous sponsors. Within 48 hours of the original call for help, we were on our way to get them as the rescue group posed as “buyers” interested in a few horses.  As we were on our way to the meeting spot to get them, I received a call informing me they were much worse then expected and clinging to life. It was almost too late for the two minis (later to be named Ruth and Naomi). They were too weak to walk out of the field and had to be carried. At 1 ½ years old, Ruth only weighed approximately 60 pounds and was only 23 inches tall.  While Naomi was close to 35 inches tall, she also had a body score of 0 underneath her thick, matted hair.  They had to receive IV fluids to give them just enough strength to hopefully survive their journey to Hope Reins. After the 5 hour trip in the middle of January, they were still alive. The smaller, lifeless body (Ruth) had to be carried into the barn with the larger one (Naomi) struggling to stand and place one foot in front of the other.  Naomi, too weak to nicker, made a panicked grunting noise when Ruth was taken out of sight. She was too weak to run to her, but needed to know little Ruth was alright. Ruth was taken back to her and carried just a step in front of her so Naomi would know they were going to be together. After watching them the next day, I knew their names had to be Ruth and Naomi (from the book of Ruth in the Bible). Naomi never left Ruth’s side. Each day of life was a miracle for them and their rehabilitation took months, but against all odds they have not only survived – they have doubled in size. Ruth still walks different with one hind leg-not bending it normally, but this has never slowed her down. She runs, bucks and plays just as any happy little mini would.  While she and Naomi are much bigger now, Naomi continues to look after her. Naomi watches visitors very close as they interact with Ruth to make sure they are not going to hurt her. If something doesn’t seem right, Naomi is quick to help Ruth out. 

The majority of our horses come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect and are at the very core of what we do at Hope Reins. These equines, once broken, lost and hurting, are now doted on by children who have been through many similar circumstances. The experiences of the horses give them the ability to reach out to kids in a unique way, making them what we call "equine counselors."  For the many equines who call this place home, Hope Reins offers a safe haven, a gentle hand and a life purpose. Our training and riding methods are based on the theories of natural horsemanship, which utilize quietness and patience to communicate with horses in their own language. It is our aim to develop trusting relationships with these magnificent creatures.

Please consider sponsoring one of our "equine counselors." By simply choosing a sponsorship level, you can further ensure quality care to our horses and a cost free opportunity to the children who call this their special place.

Your sponsorship will provide aid for the following:

* Countless hours one-on-one with a child and leader
* Daily engagement both physically and mentally
* Lots of grooming, baths and carrots
* Daily hay and grain as needed

* Shavings/Bedding for those needed
* Vitamins and supplements as needed
* Regular preventative vaccinations
* Professional farrier trimming and shoeing as needed
* Tack and equipment replacement and repair


Hope Reins is currently home to 10 equine which are all being used in our emotional healing programs. We love staying connected with those who choose to support the ministry at the Ranch through the Horse Sponsorship program. To show our appreciation, each sponsor will receive a 4x6 picture of your horse, a Ranch T-shirt, and a quarterly update on your sponsored horse. 

Donations received from Sponsors are 100% used for the equine and make the programs possible.  None of these funds are ever used for staff salaries.  You can sponsor a horse at different levels, including as low as $25/month (LESS THAN $0.85/DAY).  Hope Reins is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and all donations/contributions are tax deductible.  Thank you for your wonderful gift of hope!