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Summer/Fall After School Program Runs Second Week of August Through September 19 (FULL)

Fall After School Program Begins First Week of October Through Week Before Thanksgiving (FULL)

To get placed on a waiting list for next spring, please contact Hope Reins by email or call (see CONTACT US section).

SEPTEMBER 20TH - Hope Reins will be providing a rest stop for the riders in the Grainger County Humane Society's annual bike ride. Games for riders will be held at Hope Reins during the rest stop with proceeds from entry fee of games being given to Hope Reins.

SEPTEMBER 29TH - Hope Reins will be a part of the Missions Fair hosted at First Baptist Church of Morristown beginning at 4:00 p.m.

October  - Information and fundraising booth will be set up at Harvest Pride Days in Bean Station

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"Mending Fences"

We realize there are various degrees of needs children, youth and families may have. For this reason, equine assisted learning is used to meet some of the needs, especially for older youth or groups. In the "Mending Fences" program, a horse or horses are used in on-ground activities with an individual, group or family. These activities are designed to address things such as self-esteem, anger, impulse control, self-worth, addictions, ADD/ADHD, bullying, trust, respect, eating disorders, coping skills, teamwork and problem solving skills. 

During this 1.5 hour session, a goal is given to achieve with certain rules in place (such as no verbal communication, no touching the horse, no bribing, etc.)  and consequences are determined.  Much like life, there are certain rules we must follow no matter our age and there are always consequences - good and bad - for the choices we make.  The last 30 minutes of the session is used to "debrief" the activity, discussing what happened, what worked, what didn't work, how it relates to real, everyday life and what they would do differently next time.  If a child discovers solutions on their own, even with trials and errors, they are more likely willing to practice those solutions when it comes to their personal life. This is what we desire to assist them in doing.

  • Chores: Every child and mentor will complete a small chore or work project during the session. This time is to teach not only the value of work ethics, but also the importance of serving others through our own work. It further gives each child a sense of importance, ownership and pride by knowing their efforts can make a difference to those around them.
  • Handling the Horses: Most all children are drawn to the ranch because of the horses. During a session, the children will learn basic horsemanship skills, how to properly care for and handle a horse, groom, ride, ground work and occasionally vet a horse - depending on the needs of the child and horse on any given day.
  • Crafts:  On days when weather doesn't permit riding or if a child doesn't wish to ride, we have a variety of crafts for the child and mentor to do together. These range from scrapbooking, making jewelry, creating art to painting on the horses.
  • Play:  In this chaotic world we live in, one of the most treasured times to children is being able to be a kid - to simply play. There is an assortment of games and activities to encourage play and imagination. Often times, this is a chance to connect with a child and demonstrate their value by taking the time to play with them.
Session Components

The overall goal of our program is to love and encourage children toward hope and growth. This process takes on as many unique forms as there are children who visit. Sessions can include one or more of these components or even sometimes something entirely new and unique. The child and the mentor together determine the best methods for each session.  Viewing each child as an individual, the mentors strive to facilitate healing, escape, love and purpose during every session. 

"Healing Hearts"

Where rescued horses help people take life by the reins to bring about hope, healing and change.

 Hope Reins