During 2018, Hope Reins will be incorporating Project Freedom into the Healing Hearts Program to focus on serving victims of human trafficking, violence and abuse in surrounding East Tennessee counties. Through Project Freedom, we intend to rescue a Premarin Mare and two Nurse Mare Foals for use specifically in the emotional healing process of those enrolled in this program.

To make Project Freedom a success, your financial support is needed to sponsor participants and keep the program free of cost to those individuals in need of hope and freedom from the emotional bondage cause by such unthinkable acts.

Please take a moment to give now as Hope Reins prepares for 2018 enrollment in Project Freedom - Healing Hearts.

Healing Hearts - The overall goal is to encourage and empower each person toward personal growth, both physical and emotional, so they may be healthy, positive and productive members of their community, family, school and work place. Because the equine used in the program have been rescued from situations of severe abuse, neglect and abandonment or have overcome some form of difficulty in their lives, a common bond is formed allowing walls to come down. It is through the care of and interaction with these equine that healing begins as each teach the other the true meaning of unconditional love and how to trust again. It has been proven that these wonderful animals can do amazing things beyond our comprehension in a therapeutic sense.  

Other aspects of this program are proven to instill and develop character, focusing on the importance of hard work, integrity and commitment, as well as the value of hope, faith and family.  All programs are open to people from age 5 up.  Children and youth participants are always paired with mentors.  Each child and mentor together determine the best methods for each session. Viewing each child as an individual, the mentors strive to facilitate healing, growth and purpose during every session, following all policies and procedures. Hope Reins places safety as the first priority in all activities.

Sessions can include one or more of these components or even sometimes something entirely new and unique. The child and the mentor together determine the best methods for each session. Viewing each child as an individual, the mentors strive to facilitate healing, growth and purpose during every session. Each child will begin with a set of goals in mind based on their current physical and emotional condition.

Session components are:

Chores: Every child and mentor will complete a small chore or work project during the session. This time is to teach not only the value of work ethics, but also the importance of serving others through our own work. It further gives each child a sense of importance, ownership and pride by knowing their efforts can make a difference to those around them.

Handling the Horses: Most all children are drawn to the ranch because of the horses. During a session, the children will learn basic horsemanship skills, how to properly care for and handle a horse, groom, ride, ground work and occasionally vet a horse – depending on the needs of the child and horse on any given day.

Crafts: On days when weather doesn't permit riding or if a child doesn't wish to ride, we have a variety of crafts for the child and mentor to do together. These range from scrapbooking, making jewelry, creating art to painting on the horses.

Play: In this chaotic world we live in, one of the most treasured times to children (even teens) is being able to be a kid – to simply play. There is an assortment of games and activities to encourage play and imagination. Often times, this is a chance to connect with a child and demonstrate their value by taking the time to play with them. The laughter and exercise also help in the teaching of managing stress or anger.


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The programs provided are made possible only through the monetary and in-kind support from individuals, businesses, churches, fundraising and grants. Without the generous support of people like you, we couldn't reach those in need of hope. 

Please consider making a Pledge to give. With the attached Pledge Form, you may direct your gift be in honor or memory of a loved one as well and receive a nice card of acknowledgement.  


Hope Reins has many volunteer opportunities involving mentoring, building/repairs, tech support, fundraising, horse care and more. Click the attached form to match your specific gifts with the volunteer opportunities available.

Mending Fences uses Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) with groups, families or individuals. The purpose of EAL is to bring about and identify behaviors thought games/activities which then may be reflected upon to consider how effective the individual or group's responses and actions were and identify any alternative coping skills or methods they could have applied to better achieve their ultimate goals. It also gives the participant the opportunity to recognize patterns in their own behavior, think about why they may behave or respond a certain way, and try out new, more appropriate methods in a safe environment. It is our philosophy that a person is more likely to actually use new, more effective coping and life skills if they can take ownership in the discovery of them. The ability to practice these new skills will develop into it becoming an automatic response or reaction.

E AL is designed to address several behavioral issues such as addictions/disorders, anger/impulse control, ADD, depression, anxiety, bullying and relationship problems as a result of trauma, abuse, neglect, divorce and other factors of the environment in which they are lived.

EAL activities are specifically designed to require an individual or group to apply certain skills which in turn are developed and strengthened such as nonverbal communication, self-control, anger management, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving, leadership, team work, responsibility, confidence, trust, and positive attitude.

EAL activities (group or individual) is scheduled once per week for an average of 10 weeks. Each session consists of a planned activity using a horse or horses in a round pen with 90% of all activities occurring on ground. Sessions last 90 minutes with a 30-minute debriefing to follow at which time issues that arose during the session will be discussed along with the method in which the issue was handled, giving the participant(s) an opportunity to process the situation and their actions, including what they would do differently next time.


If you or a child would like to enroll as a participant in one of Hope Reins' programs, please contact us by completing the form on the Contact page or call.  Currently, all programs are offered at no direct cost to participants as we want everyone in need of the hope available to be able to attend.  Donations are always welcomed.  ALL participants and visitors to the ranch MUST sign a Release Form. This Form may be downloaded below.

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